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Rubber bracelets and wristband is a popular and cost-effective item to increasing your brands awareness, celebrating special events, giveaway at tradeshows, or to raise awareness about your product, service.

Our rubber bracelets are using 100% silicone which is a semi-inorganic polymer that is heat stable, flexible and water resistant. Because of these qualities, we also have other products like silicone animal bands, silicone key chain, silicone cable winder and more.

No minimum quantities required, we are a UK based rubber bracelets supplier of quality customized silicone wristbands and relative silicone products. All our customized silicone products are great value and are ideal as promotional items for marketing or fundraising campaigns, or as personalized gifts. You can't miss all these great promotional merchandising ideas.

History of Silicone Bracelets and Wristbands

Silicone bracelets, also sometimes referred to as rubber bracelets, first came on the Lance Armstrong Foundation, founded in 1997 by world-renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong, designed and began selling them. The bright yellow silicone bracelets rose quickly to great heights of popularity. Much of the popularity arose because the silicone bracelets and the cancer foundation's programs were publicized on the widely watched Oprah show. Other charities, both large and small, soon entered the silicone wristbands market to bring awareness to their own causes.

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It may be too early to say whether rubber bracelets will continue to be popular fashion accessories, but it is fair to say that they have achieved a great deal in just a few years. Millions of dollars have been put to good use - simply because of the little silicone bracelets. You can just be so easy to find a silicone bracelet supplier to buy it online worldwide.  But please assure that the silicone bracelets supplier is reliable enough to purchase from. Order now high quality m, printed, embossed, debossed or other type promotional silicon bracelets for fundraising wristband, different events



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